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Please use this page to access key public safety and emergency information sources from a wide range of emergency and essential service agencies, government and community partners.

On this page you will also find frequently asked questions and answers about Alert SA.

Emergency Information Sources


SA Country Fire Service

The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) is the primary provider of bushfire firefighting services across the state.

Bushfire Hotline: 1800 362 361


State Emergency Service

The SA State Emergency Service (SES) is the primary provider of flood rescue services across the state.

SES assistance: 132 500

Extreme Weather

State Emergency Service

The SA State Emergency Service (SES) coordinates the state's response to extreme weather events.

SES assistance: 132 500

Human Disease

SA Health

SA Health is the primary agency in South Australia responsible for responding to severe infectious disease outbreaks, such as a flu pandemic or food poisoning.

Health Direct: 1800 022 222

Animal & Plant Disease

Primary Industries and Regions SA

Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) manages the risks posed by animal and plant pests and diseases in South Australia.

Urban Fire

South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS)

The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) is the primary provider of structural firefighting services to the State of South Australia.


South Australia Police

The South Australia Police are the Control Agency for Terrorism in South Australia.

Police Assistance: 131 444
Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000

Essential Service Disruptions

Services essential to the community can be impacted at any time. These include:


Services essential to the community can be impacted at any time. These include:

For all further hazard information please visit:

Emergency triple zero logo

In a life threatening emergency, always dial Triple Zero (000)

Frequently Asked Questions regarding closure of Alert SA App.

Since the decommission SAFECOM has wasted no time in thoroughly investigating the evaluation of the Alert SA app failure. The resulting analysis has helped determine the path forward for a replacement solution that will offer optimal consumer performance.

In order to ensure a new website and app meets community needs and expectations it has been imperative not to rush the critical analysis of requirements and the subsequent supplier selection process.

Development work is underway and intensive product testing will follow prior to public release

Release of the new Alert SA Website and App is scheduled for mid-2019.

Every effort has and will continue to been taken to ensure the new Alert SA Website and App is as reliable as possible. This includes incorporating lessons learnt from the previous solution. Appropriately skilled personnel in addition to best-of-breed products and services will be utilised to build, test and support the solution.

The inclusion of a revised highly scalable design which can respond to peak periods of increased demand when disasters occur will ensure the information is available to South Australians when they need it most to ensure their safety.

Testing the new Alert SA Website and App will be a key focus with additional time allocated to testing activities prior to its public release.

Extensive analysis of the previous version of the Alert SA Website and App in conjunction with extensive new market research and independent expert advice has provided SAFECOM with the insight required to identify the most appropriate supplier, mix of support services and resource structure to deliver a fit for purpose solution.

Although hosted by external service providers, the State Government will retain full ownership of the Alert SA Website and App which will provide a distinct advantage over the previous product in terms of performance and control of the solution.

Yes. The Alert SA website and App will be free to download and access.

Although Alert SA Website and App plays a critical part in the provision of information, it is not the only channel available to the community. The Country Fire Service does not recommend relying on only one source of information for bushfire warnings or updates. During a bushfire you may be without power and your only connection with the outside world may be a battery powered radio, if you have one. On days of high fire danger you can stay informed by:

  • Visiting and subscribe to bushfire warnings and other important CFS information
  • Checking Facebook@CountryFireService, check Twitter@CFSalerts
  • Listening to a battery powered radio
  • Calling the Bushfire Information Hotline 1800 362 361 (TTY 133 677)
  • Talking to friends, family and neighbours.
  • Visit relevant Agency website and or social media account
  • Listen to your local radio station

The State Government is committed to enhancing community resilience. Having the right information that is easily accessible can mean the difference between life and death in many instances. Providing enhanced emergency information services enables the community to make informed decisions about their safety. Although Alert SA should not be treated as the only place to obtain emergency information, it dramatically strengthens the States capability in this space.

The Alert SA Website and App project is being run by the South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission (SAFECOM). SAFECOM provides a range of critical services to both the public and the emergency services sector.

The new Alert SA Website and App contract was awarded to SRA Technologies, a local South Australian Company.

The Alert SA Website and App will focus on providing emergency information to the community. This includes, but is not limited, to bushfires, floods, storms, hazardous materials, structure fires, road closures and earthquakes.

Key focus of the new Alert SA app and website is on reliability and ease of use. The solution will concentrate primarily on emergency information that may impact the safety of the community. This information will cover preparing for, responding to and recovering from emergencies.

The technical design underpinning the Website and App have been enhanced to provide vastly increased reliability.

Alert SA provides the South Australian community with a dedicated service that presents a wide range of emergency information via a free central interface. This reduces the need for users to reconcile a range of fragmented information sources. In order to ensure relevance, users will have the ability to customise the detailed information they receive to ensure it is relevant to them. Alert SA compliments existing emergency information services by applying a consistent framework and always identifying the source of information being presented.

The Alert SA Website and App will be available in the App Store for Apple devices and the Google Play store for Android. The Alert SA Website will be accessible via all major browsers.

The Alert SA website in addition to the Alert SA Facebook page will be updated as development of the new Alert SA Website and App progresses.

A public communications campaign will also be conducted leading up to the official launch of the new Website and App.